Loudness Films

Loudness Films

Lisbon, Portugal, (2010)

First Dolby Atmos film mixing theatre in Portugal. The film mixing room was designed by Philip Newell and the Foley studio was, subsequently designed by Julius Newell. Equipped with Reflexion Arts RA234 and RA239, respectively. The mixing theatre has 2 subwoofers Reflexion Arts RABX1 and 22 RA SU108 for surround. All driven by Neva Audio RA Studio II, Neva Audio NA3200 and Park Audio DF2804.

loudness films

Mixing Theatre


Loudness Films

Foley’s control-room

You can read the article about Loudness published by Portuguese magazine Produção Audio of Portugal on January / February 2012 issue, here

Official Web: www.loudness-films.pt