Reflexion Arts SX23

Reflexion Arts SX23 Crossover

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Asymmetrical Crossover 2 way and 3 channel.

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The Reflexion Arts SX23 is an asymmetrical Crossover 2 way and 3 channel. By russian manufacturer Neva Audio

– Input & Output:

Input impedance: 20 Kohm electronically balanced

Headroom: + 20dBu maximum input level

connetor: XLR

Output output: unbalanced buffered class A

level: + 20dBu @ 600 Ohm

connector: XLR

System behavior:

Frequency Response 0Hz – 50kHz
THD better than 0.01% 20Hz – 20kHz,any level up to 20dBu
Output noise better than -100dBu
Signal metering Signal overload LED +20dBu at output
Modes Three channels, two way
Crossover Freq. 875Hz
Filter Type Lo-Pass 4º order, 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley

Hi-Pass 4º order, 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley

Dimensions 44mm x 483mm x 230mm
Weight 4kg
AC Main Supply AC ~ 20 VA, 50-60Hz 230V, slow blow fuse 500mA

Some of the studios in Spain where Reflexion Arts SX23 have been installed

Bomtrack (Es) Neo (Es)
Estudio Bomtrack Estudio Neo

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Weight 10 kg