Reflexion Arts RA240B X-Demo & Audient One

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System HD monitors (Sold out). LAST Pair. Ex-demo, Power amplifiers are not included. Audient One Crossover included. Price per pair.

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The Reflexion Arts RA240B are a system HD monitors for recording studios or home studios. Posibility of flush-mount. Audient One crossover included.

  • Low Frequency: 1 x JBL 2213H in a 80 litres vented box
    • Sensitivity refered to 2.83V: 90dB
    • Maximum continuous power handling: 75W
    • Transient headroom (200ms): 6dB
    • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 25Hz-2kHz
  • Mid Frequency: 1 x JBL 104H-2
    • Sensitivity refered to 2.83V: 93dB
    • Maximum continuous power handling: 20dBw
    • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 400Hz-15kHz
  • High Frequency: Tweeter JBL 2405H
    • Sensitivity refered to 2.83V: 105dB
    • Maximum continuous power handling: 40W>6kHz
    • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 7kHz-20kHz
    • Horizontal & Vertical coverage angle (-6dB)
      • 140ºH x 40ºV @ 10kHz
      • 90ºH x 35ºV @ 16kHz
      • 65ºH x 30ºV @ 20kHz
  • Sytem:
    • Acoustic output @1m in 2II space:
      • Continuous: 108dB
      • Peak: 114dB
  • Dimensions: 620mm x 400mm x 460mm
  • Weight: /

Some of the studios in Spain where Reflexion Arts 240B have been installed

Bomtrack (Es)

Neo (Es)

Estudio Bomtrack Estudio Neo

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