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API A2D Mic Preamps with Digital Output

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2  312A Mic Preamps with Digital Output

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The first API product with an integrated digital output, the API A2D Mic Preamps contains a pair of API 312 Mic Preamplifiers that feed an A/D section with a set of standard digital interface outputs, multiple sample-rate choices and internal or external clock options. Precise control of both the Analog gain and the level feeding the digital section means that the microphone signal may be kept super-clean if desired or driven harder to achieve the warm, punchy “API sound.”

API A2D Mic Preamps Features:

  • A pair of signature API 312 Mic Preamplifiers
  • API 2510 and 2520 Operational Amplifiers
  • 20 Segment LED metering on both analog and digital sections
  • Mic and Instrument inputs
  • Polarity, phantom power, input pad, 2:1 transformer routing, Mic/Line switches
  • Six sample rate choices
  • Sync to external Word Clock with feed through BNC
  • External Super Clock input
  • Ability to be slaved with other A2D units
  • Insert point provided between analog and digital sections.
  • Manual here

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