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API 1608 at Estudio Vale de Lobos

The studio Vale de Lobos is located in a small farm, in a place with the same name, very close to beautiful Sintra, not far from Lisbon. Rui Veloso is a Portuguese musician enormously recognized for his contribution to the great expansion of the so-called “Portuguese Rock” in the early 80’s. His album “Ar de Rock” is one of the best selling and sounded albums ever in the country. But besides that, Rui has .
tanuj tiku

Tanuj Tiku, the definitive studio

Tanuj Tiku is a successful musician and composer from Mumbai, India, where he produces a lot of work for film soundtracks. After years of wishing to work in his own studio, with the best possible acoustics and efficiency, he started looking around for studio designers. At University he had access to Philip Newell’s Recording Studio Design, which apparently called his attention to very relevant facts regarding control-room acoustics, so he thought that should be .

Imagine Sound, the new studio job by Reflexion Arts

Designed by Julius Newell and built by Reflexion Arts team during the first quarter in 2014. Imagine Sound is the latest construction job recently delivered by Reflexion Arts. This studio, located in Barcelona’s Poble Nou, has been designed by Julius Newell and work spanned from January the 20th until March the 7th. Roughly a 2 month job carried out by a team of Reflexion Arts constructors and technicians. – The studio, comprising a very .


TWENTY YEARS A REFERENCE MONITOR. WHY? 1. INTRODUCTION: Historically, one of the most hotly contested topics of discussion in the recording industry has been that of studio monitoring. The 75 years since the invention of the moving coil loudspeaker have not culminated in anything approaching a consensus of a universal monitor. It would appear that a general trend has been to use large, full-range monitors, with frequent reference to the smaller mixing monitors, during .