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Métrica Recording Studio noticia 4

Métrica Recording Studio, new studio in Ibiza

It is with great satisfaction that, finally, we can divulge more details about the last work in which we have been “submerged” in the last 4 months: Métrica Recording Studio.It is a rather peculiar recording studio, located inside the Hotel Garbi, in Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, just next to the city of Eivissa, in the Balearic Islands. Ibiza is an incredibly attractive island and not only because of the parties that are set .


TWENTY YEARS A REFERENCE MONITOR. WHY? 1. INTRODUCTION: Historically, one of the most hotly contested topics of discussion in the recording industry has been that of studio monitoring. The 75 years since the invention of the moving coil loudspeaker have not culminated in anything approaching a consensus of a universal monitor. It would appear that a general trend has been to use large, full-range monitors, with frequent reference to the smaller mixing monitors, during .
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